Mind, Self and Emotion

           How does culture influence something as “personal” as personal memory?                               What roles do a person’s sense of self and understanding of emotions play in the process?



                      Mental Time Travel

                     Is the future always brighter than the past?                                                                           What evokes people’s thoughts about the past versus the future?                               How do people weight the value of the past and the future?



                     Matters for Well-Being

                  Does greater emotional intelligence lead to better mental health?                                                                 Is child-sensitive parenting always good for the child?                                                               Why are people in some cultures obsessed with telling their life stories? 



                  The Extended Mind Online

                                              What is the cognitive cost to retweet posts?                                                                                             Dose Facebook help people remember?                                                   Are 140 words enough for expressing the self?