Dr. Qi wang

Qi Wang is a professor and department chair in Human Development at Cornell University. Her research integrates developmental, cognitive, and sociocultural perspectives to examine the mechanisms underlying the development of a variety of social-cognitive skills, including autobiographical memory, self, future thinking, and emotion knowledge. She is also interested in the impact of Internet technology as a cultural force unique to our time on cognitive functioning and well-being. A graduate of Peking University, China, Qi Wang earned a Ph.D. in psychology in 2000 at Harvard University. She has received many honors and awards and has over one hundred and fifty publications in scientific journals and in volumes of collected works. Her single-authored book, The Autobiographical Self in Time and Culture (2013, Oxford University Press), is regarded as the definitive work on culture and autobiographical memory. 

Graduate researchers

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Li Guan

Li Guan, is the lab manager of Culture & Social Cognition Lab. She is also a first year Ph.D. student in the Department o Human Development. Her research interest lies at the intersection of autobiographical memory, child development, and cultural influences. One of her current projects is about how sharing autobiographical memory affects the closeness between partners, and what kind of role does culture play in this process. The other project she is working on aims to examine whether there are cultural differences in maternal reminiscing styles in mother-child relationships. In Li's spare time, she enjoys photography, swimming, and traveling.

Lingjie Mei (May)

May was a previous lab manager of Culture & Social Cognition Lab and is on leave for Spring 2019. May graduated from East China Normal University as a psychology major student. During her undergraduate career, she was the first China Scholarship Council funded exchange student in her department, and received the Undergraduate Diversity Fund Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in 2015. In 2016, she went to the University of Queensland to work as the research assistant for Professor Roy Baumeister. Her current research interest lies in the field of prospective thinking, interpersonal relationships and self identity. 



Renbo is a first year master student majoring in Developmental Psychology. He graduated from University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Psychology. He is interested in emotion and how emotion functions in social situations.
Besides, Renbo likes traveling and attending musical festivals in his free time.

HuiXin Ren (Ariel)

Huixin finished her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley majoring in Psychology. After that, she becomes a master student of Human Development Department and to further carry out more in-depth research into the field. She is mainly concerned about family studies and children mental health related problems in China’s education domain.

Also, when Huixin has time for leisure she prefers to fill that time with wines with her friends or hiking on cloudless weekend mornings.

Undergraduate researchers

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Tong Suo

Tong majors in psychology, class of 2019. Her work in Dr. Wang’s lab started with cultural differences in children’s perception for peer relation, and mother-child dialogues. She is now helping investigate event perception and prediction across cultures. Inspired by this project, her thesis studies language priming effect on event prediction.

Outside of research, she is also interested in arts and culture in East Asia, and enjoys cooking at home—but not washing dishes, her roommate usually takes care that part for her :)

Sabrina Hidalgo-Ahmed

Sabrina is a current junior from Elkton, Maryland. She is majoring in Human Biology, Health, and Society at Cornell. Her work in Dr. Wang’s lab includes coding for memory when considering cultural retention as well as surveying for memory. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, thrifting, and traveling.


Jacklyn Cho

Jacklyn is a senior studying human development and nutritional sciences. Her research interests lie in studying the role of emotions on the constructive processes of past and future memories. As an aspiring physician, she is passionate about social and ethnic inequalities in healthcare. During her free time, Jacklyn enjoys to swim and cook.



Dana Lee

Dana Lee is a senior on the pre-dental track majoring in Human Biology, Health and Society with a Human Development minor. After taking HD classes such as Racial Identity and Cultural Psychology, she became extremely interested in the effects of culture on health and development. These classes inspired her to get involved in Professor Wang’s Cultural & Social Cognition Lab to gain more insight on the topic. Outside of class she enjoys traveling, playing golf, and exploring new places to eat with friends!


Amber Lee

Amber is a senior from Portland, Oregon pursuing a major in Human Development in the honors thesis program under the guidance of Professor Wang. Her undergraduate thesis explores cultural differences in autonomy support during conversations between mothers and their children. On campus, she is part of the Cornell Figure Skating Club, Human Ecology Ambassadors, Kappa Omicron Nu, and the Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Council. She also volunteers as a mentor for students with developmental disabilities in TST BOCES and as a teaching assistant in the Cornell Prison Education Program.

Sabira Mehjabin

Sabira Mehjabin is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is majoring in Economics while also pursuing the Pre-Medical track. She was interested in joining a lab that offered something different from the Art, Science & Biology labs, thus, she came to Human Ecology department to find a lab that would suit her interest in psychology and human development. Additionally, she is a member of the Phi Sigma Sigma social sorority and she writes for the Cornell Daily Sun's News department. 



Allison is a sophomore from San Jose, California studying biology in the College of Arts and Sciences. A personality psychology class sparked her interest in human development and psychiatry, and she decided to get involved in Professor Wang's lab to learn more about how culture affects behavior and cognition. Outside of classes, she is involved in her dance team the Assorted Aces and Cornell Health International, and in her free time she enjoys knitting, watching YouTube videos, and exploring Ithaca.


Previous Lab Members